What does it mean when a girl replies to your first text but not to anything else?

What does it mean when a girl replies to you first text but not to anything else? Recently this cute girl from my math class gave me her number. I was pretty sure she was interested in me as throughout class time and time again she would pretend to flip her hair to catch a glimpse at me (I sit behind her and one row to the left) so I had never really talked to her ad the first opportunity I gave her she made a comment and talked to me. The next day I catch up with her after class and ask her for her number. About 3 days ago I text her for the first time and she replies within minutes. Then I send her another text and she has not replied since. What does this mean? Did she lose interest? Am I screwed?


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  • You're not screwed! Some girls know what to do in situations, others are inexperienced. We don't want to come off as clingy and one of the signs that tell you guys we're clingy is texting back too fast.

    The reason a girl will not text you back since then might be:

    A) She knows you like her, doesn't want to appear clingy, wants you to keep interest in her by wondering why she hasn't texted you back. She does not want to seem desperate.

    B) Maybe she didn't get the text. less likely though since she seems like a fast replier and she obviously is interested in you.

    C) Now this is just me, but if a guy sends me a text saying "hey cutie ;)" it sends up a red flag that says player and girls don't want to respond to that...some don't. But those who don't want to be hurt won't reply and will ignore the text and wait for another one to see if you're actually interested in her beyond the looks.

    We don't just forget a guy that likes us, or liked us. It sticks with us. She might be playing games with you, she wants you to be the one to really want her instead of the other way around. It's less hurt for her if it doesn't work out, it's an ego boost, and not only does it show a guy you're not desperate/clingy, it shows them you have to work for her!

    Text her back just saying hey, never say baby or cutie because it might be a turn off for her. If she doesn't respond then simply talk to her after your math class and make plans that way.

    But a little tip for you, calling a girl means a LOT more than a text! We like the call, the call we don't have to ask you to give us, the call where you're where you're thinking about us and shows you're really interested and that we're WORTH your minutes! Try calling her if you want to really set a good example for her. She will think highly of you after this. It shows her you care about her enough to actually call instead of sending a one worded text that displays almost no interest at all. If she doesn't answer, don't assume. It's not rejection, she might just be busy. In my opinion, a girl might ignore a text just to get the guy more interested. On the other hand, guys who gnore a text from a girl just means they don't care.

    Hope this helped! :)


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  • I would check and see if you notice her with her phone or not. Usually, I would give a guy my number at all if I didn't plan to respond, and if I took the time to respond the fist time chances are I like you or want to know more about you. Maybe something happened to her phone and it isn't you at all.

  • She's probably busy but if she's a chronic texter, she's probably trying to act 'hard to get', lol.

  • She's busy.


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