He constantly tells me to text but never responds.....?

I've known this guy since August so almost over 3 months, we hook up on occasion, but what I don't get is that when we're together all he says is why don't I text him, why don't I call him, why don't we get to know each other, but I have and he NEVER responds. I feel dumb but every time I see him he goes at it again with the questions. WTF? Guys?


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  • He could be flirting with you, with the playful guilt trip thing.

    Though, I don't know. He sounds like a spaz to me. :|

    • haha well thanks at least I'm not crazy, I'm thinking he's an asshole because the way things are getting with us I think I do deserve a response if I text him. I'm not asking to speak everyday or even often, I feel like I'm giving him a deal any guy would want, hook up, no attachment, I just want respect or for him to stop asking to hang out when I know he doesn't mean it (even though I wish he did...)

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    • I asked him why does he always say to text him but then never responds, his answer was, he first said this has been a problem with him with girls, he's not the type to initiate things or respond, he also said I should still text him, I shouldn't need him to respond and I should just come over. He's probably either drunk or tipsy when he says this. I don't know it really sounds like games when I type it but it seems better when I'm actually with him...

    • ..Always does.

      Figure out what is going through this dude's head before going any further with him.

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