Why hasn't me called me for another date? it's been a week.. we had great chemistry

So, I went on a date with this guy and we really hit it off. I knew immediately that he was attracted to me and he kept complimenting me the entire night. He acted like a gentleman, he was a great conversationalist and we talked the entire night. His pupils were also dilated. Anyways, we went out to dinner, he kept me laughing. Then we rented a movie and watched it at my place. Things got pretty heated. We started cuddling then we started making out. Like I said, things got pretty heated because we got so caught up in the moment.

I was straddle kissing him, and he was just grabbing me. He wanted to have sex with me but I told him I couldn't and he respected that. He did try again, but then he stopped. Even when we were kissing, he would stop, look directly in my eyes, and kiss my cheek, and then go back to kissing me passionately. Everything seemed like it was going great. There was a mutual attraction, intense chemistry, and a good date. We didn't even watch the movie.

What happened? Is he interested? Not to sound conceited but I am pretty attractive. I get asked out a lot but this guy is different from the guys I date... This is definitely a first.

Thanks guys!

I sent him a text message that said "Happy Thanksgiving!" and he texted back happy Thanksgiving but never even tried asking me out again... does this mean he has no interest? He could have said, hey jw if you wanted to go out again? or something...


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  • I don't have much experience in dating but I do like to read books about dating and relationships, so I will attempt and give you the best advice possible from my readings...

    Number one: you did very good in not having sex with him too soon into the relationship, actually I just read a book that says that sex is OK after maybe 5 to 10 dates, according to Janis Spindel, her book is called "How to date Men". I recommned this book by the way is very informative and educational! Second, I would take the initiative and call him or email him whatever seems better for you, let him know that you had a great time and want to hang out with him again, take the initiative! you have nothing to loose! however if this guy does not answer your call or he doesn't want to hang out again, drop him, and move on to the next! I know you probably had a wonderful time with him but sometimes men think very differently from women and they often times seek for differetn things than we do. I would give him a call and see what happens from there, like I said hun you have nothing to loose, I'm very sure that you are an atttractive woman and another guy will come along. I hope my advise helped a bit!


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  • why don't you call him?

    • double duh!

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    • i don't call him because I always heard, if he's really into you, he'll make an effort to see you. also, I don't want to come off as desperate. but when I sent him the texts for Thanksgiving the other day, I was hoping he'd bring up seeing me again. I thought that was the perfect opportunity in case he's shy or something which he's not. besides he's so hot, I'm guessing he might be a player or he's talking to other girls too.

      and how do I tell him how I feel about it? I just don't seem desperate

    • that is bullsh*t about desperation. it's just a cop-out for women not to be open

  • Maybe he's making you call him. Or just in general why don't you call him?


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  • I've been in your position couple of times. I'm sorry but I think he's just not that into you. If he likes you, he'll call you, no matter what. If he's not calling you, it's because you are not on his mind.

    You should move on with your life and go out with another guy, there are still lots of nice guys out there, you deserve getting a nice guy.

    I think he was just nice to you because he wants to get into your pants. Those guys are just so talented and know how to tease a girl and make her happy enough that she would do anything he wants.

  • just call him