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I'm in a weird situation right now... I met this girl a couple months ago... On vacation... We had a fling going on and I thought that was it... But when I got back home she started calling me and we started hooking up every now and then... No Strings Attached ... It was fine until I started sensing that she's into me... And I was not into her at all... Just liked hooking up with her every now and then in a party or whatever... And now I'm starting to get into her... And I want to start something but on healthy basis not the way this started... Any suggestions ?!?


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  • Honesty is typically the best policy.

    You should probably just ask her to be honest about how she feels about you or you two. If she does want to give a real relationship a try then you can tell her you feel the same.

    If she doesn't, you can play it off as casual curiosity so it doesn't make your NSA thing awkward.

    You also need to make sure what kind of girl she is/if you really could have a relationship with her. I'm not sure how well you know her but it would suck to find out she's laying the whole town NSA style, I imagine you wouldn't want to be with someone like that regardless haha.


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  • if you like her then I think you should start a relationship. you should never hold back on your feelings. its not healthy.

  • Well, first I would suggest to sit down & think are you really into her now or is it just because she likes you & does things for you so she's the one that's nice to you & available?


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