Why does he do this? Why does he even bother contacting me at all?

This guy asked me to dinner, (I bumped into him recently). Then when I agree to go, he just sort of procrastinates, or ask me out on the actual day that he wants to meet. He keeps in contact with me through calling or texting, and it's been 8 months and still no date. Just on a whim, like wanna go to the park, or watch the world cup match at the local bar, or go to his for dinner & a movie.

We had a silly argument because we didn't communicate properly, so we didn't go on a date. He doesn't give up though, he still contacts me, but it can be weeks or months before he gets in touch. He once came to see me one night when I was out, because he was in the restaurant nearby. No date was planned then either. He just joked about meeting him at some train station the next day.

I don't understand why he bothers to talk to me, when we never meet. He called on Sunday to see how I am, but couldn't hear me in the loud place I was in, so we ended up texting, no date was made.

I contacted him yesterday & eventually said we could meet this weekend & he said 7 hours later "Yeah, that sounds good. What day were you thinking?" I haven't replied.

He also says things like "I''m OK beautiful" (that's a new one. Sounds a bit cheesy). He asked me if I was gonna make him some hot choc, also suggested he could give me some cuddles, when I was talking about being cold. In the beginning he text saying he really missed me - how? Another time "So when are we going to be a couple? lol" It just seems like he likes talking to me and flirting, but when it comes to meeting, he acts all weird. He doesn't have a girlfriend, so I don't understand.


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  • 8 months with the phone tag game? Drop it. Tell him exactly how you feel. Say "look, we keep making plans and nothing happens. Do you want to hang out or not?". Say "how can we be a couple if we never hang out? All I've seen from you is text messages. I forgot what you even look like.". Make him do something, you've tried and tried. Talk is cheap, actions speak louder than words. I know it's mean, but 8 months of this bull, it needs to stop. Don't let him play you like this.


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