Why is he flirting with me when he has a girl?

Alright,well me and my best guy friend has been friends since the 6th grade we are now in the 11th. I had a crush on him before,and he knew,I wasn't sure if he felt the same. But during the four years of our friendship, he flirts with me and talks dirty to me to the extreme,and also calls me pet names and calls me "beautiful",but I don't understand why he still does when he has girlfriends.iam not trying to be the "side chick" id rather be the main girl,and he asked me for pictures last night,and I did it but they were clean,but HE'S DATING SOMEONE!...Can someone tell me why and what I should do pleasee...


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  • Men are animals they want the pie and the cake he woud love to have a little piece if both. My advice is unless you just want to f*ck, stay away from him and his crazy dong...