I want the guy I'm hooking up with to text me, advice?

i love getting with this guy so I told myself I'd be OK with just that. however, I'm very interested in him and wish he would text me every once in a while or hang out with me more than just in his bedroom, what should I do?


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  • CALL him and meet somewhere else other than his place

    just be like

    you: hey, what's up

    him: not much blah

    you : I was thinking we should go do something

    him: sure what you have in mind?

    you : we should try doing blah blah blah

    him: sounds good

    you: cool what time is good for you?

    him : hows blah o'clock?

    you: perfect! see you then

    end conversation...

    yeah you'll have to be the guy in this situation

    you should do this twice on different occasions

    but if he objects to it once he might be busy.

    but if he objects twice then he's not really interested in you...

    then you know he's not worth it hope it helps.

    • I have to see him all the time and even more once mixers and events start happening, I just really don't want things to be awkward but you are probably right, if I get enough guts I'll try


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  • tell him.

    • girls are afraid of rejection too, and I don't want to lose what I have now :(

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    • i don't expect that one single bit, after this semester of fun I'm done

    • allrighty :d

  • Ask him out. See if he wants to just hang out. "Hey I'm watching a movie, want to hang out." Say something to him, otherwise it will stay as just a booty call.

    • I feel like in high school this would have worked but he is an older frat guy and I don't know what I'm doing now. He has asked me out (while in bed) and the next morning magically forgot. I don't want to be stupid so I'm assuming he doesn't want more but he's the one who always brings up getting to know each other, not me, idk...

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    • Don't listen to what his friends say. Actions speak louder than words. If you like just hooking up with him then cool, but the bad thing is, your thinking about being more than just a booty call and it could backfire on you and you'll be the one who gets hurt too. Plus he's a frat guy, I can tell you right now that he will not want a relationship. But ask, find out, and play it from there. Just don't want you to get hurt.

    • Thank you, I totally get that frat guys don't want relationships and honestly I didn't think I did . This was an accident and wasn't supposed to happen. I just want to know that he's only getting with me if he wants to go further just because of all the diseases and everything out there. this might be too much to ask because of the word "commitment." I could block it all out and not get hurt but I think you're right, it can most likely end badly

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  • if you want him to hang out with you other than in the bedroom, you're falling for him and you're not okay with just hooking up, you're looking for a relationship here.