Do people typically kiss before their first date, or have their first date before their first kiss?

debate me and my sister are having lol

  • First kiss before first date together
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  • First date before first kiss together
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im not talking abour first ever tlaking about your first kiss together


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  • Either or. Some people kiss without ever havIng a date, some people date without ever having a kiss.


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  • I can't speak on behalf of most people, but I tend to kiss people before going on a date. I have kissed first after a date though. I think that if two people know that they definitely like each they will kiss before going on a date if given the opportunity. If they're not so sure about their feelings for each other and just trying to test it out, then they probably won't kiss until after a date.


What Girls Said 1

  • I don't really know anyone who has had their first kiss after their first date. It could be just because that's how college usually goes but I don't think most people wait until after.

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