Dating a woman who plays games?

Recently got back into the dating scene and one in particular we have gone out on about 4 dates. She seemed really into me at first., she was the 1st to initiate the goodnight kiss plus when we met her friends she seem to hang all over me and was all into the public display of affection but recently she became distant form this like taking forever to respond to a call or text ie: 2 days and flaking out on planed dates. I'm not sure what to do next I've got the nice guy image down but added a little overconfidence and bad boy to mix it all in last thing that seemed to be a buzz kill was when she asked how may gf's I had which I said the truth (3) and she then responded by yeah I can tell by experience your excited and nervous since then it's been going cold with getting together not sure what to do next. I feel like telling her what's up with the bs games and see what happens . We are both the same age (28).


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  • Girls only want what they can't have, it's like a disease or syndrome. If you make yourself too available to her she'll start to lose interest and/or move on. From what you've said there may be no way to reverse the cycle she's in. Before you get on her case about it, try and make her jealous and see if she reacts at all. If she doesn't she may no longer be interested, even though she came on strong before. Also women can for the most part see through any mask you may try to put on (i.e. acting like a bad boy when it's not your normal nature). I hope it all works out and that this helped in some way.

    • Thanks for the helpful information . last thing that happened was on Thanksgiving I left a voicemail about the holiday and never got a response till Fri which is fine but she sent a text asking me how I was from there I invited her over for a glass of wine to where the response was "I'll text you when I'm finished" which never happened. So I just let it be said goodnight via text and I guess just wait on her like always. Not sure if I should quit or keep trying.

    • Don't make someone a priority when they make you an option. Words to live by man.

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