Great when we're together, terrible when we're apart...

I've been seeing this guy for a month now, and I practically see him about once or twice a week. We both have busy schedules. When I'm with him we cuddle and kiss and hook up and hold hands and sleep over together. When we're apart its as though this never happened. He's terrible at communicating and I'm usually the one to contact him first...but then when we hang out again its great and I end up happy. But I can't handle the time between seeing each other. I have no idea what's going on or how to approach the situation...I don't want to seem annoying by asking him what is going on between us...he's fun to hang out with and I enjoy it, but it ends up hurting me more when we're apart. Some friends say he could be using me...but when we're together he's very sweet and I do not feel used...I need advice please!


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  • Some guys aren't into the constant talking and messaging when apart so it doesn't necessarily mean anything. If you've only been dating a month and he has a busy life I don't think this is that unusual. Of course he is terrible at communicating, he is a man.


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