Kissed by my best friend, but he's my brother's best friend too. Confused.

I have a best friend. He's part of my

life on so many levels. I love him to death, like a brother, before we kissed. We had the best best friend relationship. Never argued. Always together. Stayed with each other. I always slept In the same bed with him and my brother. He tells me everything and I tell him everything. He tells me about ever girl he has ever dated, messed with, text, liked. I tell him about every guy. We know everything about everything about each other. He has had plans with me and then got a date, but we always kept the plans and I went with him. All my friends think we should date because were so perfect together and are always together. At school people think we are dating, and don't understand when I tell them that we are best friends. They think "friends with benefits". Up until now we had never held hands, kissed, messed around, sex, nothing. Just spent all the time together and had more fun together than imaginable! We never fought, except once. Over a misunderstanding. But I skipped class and went to gym. In tears I said tell me why your mad at me because I really can't handle anymore people mad at me and now you are so just tell me why. He said calm down I'm just kidding I'm not mad at you about anything. I said well you text me and said you were earlier. He grabbed my face with both hands looked in my eyes and said I'm not mad I promise. And we hugged, smiled, and went to class. This was the perfect friendship that we had before the kiss. One night he had asked me to help him with homework nd his ma would help with some paperwork for me. He always sleeps in the middle, he and my brother were messing with me and told me to cuddle. I said No and then he was like come on, so I did and he put his arm around my waist. We started whispering jokes about m brother and laughing and giggling. He told me to play with his hair, so I did. It was pitch black, we were facing each other. Then he started rubbing my back with his thumb, very softly and gently. It was startling at first because I thought he was asleep. Then we both started shifting very softly. I could feel his breath. Then suddenly our lips met and we kissed. It was so gentle, sweet, romantic. We kissed twice, not two pecks, two full wonderful long kisses. We fell asleep under the same blanket, me playing with his hair, laying on his chest, his arm around me rubbing my shoulder, holding hands across his stomach. The next few days were horrible. We didn't talk or anything. It's still terrible a week later. It's almost like were just acquaintances. Not best friends. We barely talk. And no where near the fun we had before. He told our mutual friend that he didn't know why it happened and that it wouldn't happen again, that it was me insinuating everything. Which is a lie! He said felt bad because I'm his best friends sister. He apologized to my brother and told him it wouldnhappen again. My friends say he has feelings for me but doesn't understand them yet. I miss him. I'm confused. Please help.


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  • Hi,it's normal for you to feel so confused at this point especially if this guy way your best friend before all of this happened;one thing you shouldn't do I'd put your heart out there too much because guys just trample on them.You should rather tell him how bad he made you feel when he lied about what had happened but do not be too excited about the outcome because it might not be what you expect;just know the boundaries to set next time,whatever you may feel for the next guy,get to know his 'boyfriend' persona first.Then you can see how he would treat you as a girlfriend.I hope you got whathever you wanted and that you are very happy!Good luck :)