Meeting the good o' parents?

How long prior to meeting your BF/GF/SO's parents?
How long do you usually wait before introducing your special someone to your family?
Do you consider this a serious milestone in your relationship?

A little background, my boyfriend & I have been dating 5 months & I'm meeting his parents (& family) for the first time on Saturday at their summer family shindig. I'm quite anxious. It would be one thing to just meet a- meaning one- parent or maybe if it was just the parents at a restaurant where it was short term, less than a couple hours, or meeting his family without the parents (cause honestly their opinion about me doesn't matter, only the parents)... So gimme some insight.
I've met my ex's parents, but I was much younger & a bit more unaware of the importance & significance of meeting parents. What are your thoughts?
Meeting the good o' parents?
Meeting the good o' parents?
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