Guys taking girls on dates?

My question is: if you are in a relationship, with a girl, you claim you love, isn't it normal for you to take her on dates occasionally?

Lol, or are my expectations just way too high...

We have a lot of fun together, no matter what we are doing, but when it comes down to it, the weekend rolls around and we are usually going to some party or hanging out with eachothers family, It would just be nice to go out to dinner everyonce in awhile.


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  • Haha no your expectations are totally reasonable. Aww, I hope the guy you love is still taking you on dates. Make sure you talk to him about it, they say communication is key right... he might just think that you're happy spending time at home cuddling with him =)


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  • As a guy, I went through an era where I didn't take out my girlfriend and now I wish I could take her out everyday, its good to have those dates its makes things a lot better.

  • i think it should go both ways you should take each other on dates


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  • Of course its normal. My guy wants to spend time with me and take me out, but we are both busy right now. Good thing winter break is coming up. :)