What do you think about our relationship?

OK so I am 20 and I am dating a 43 year old man ,he was married before ,he is now divorced ,but he has 3 kids [they are 5 , 7 ,8] what do you think about us being together with the age gap & his family ?


Oh I have known him since I was 12 years old :P if that make a differnece


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  • I would say you need to go out and meet other guys. Yeah, hopefully he has his life together but when you are closer in age to his kids things are a little odd. You aren't even old enough to drink and get into bars. Go out, have some fun... make mistakes... (mixing vodka, patron & beer) and learn who you are as an individual. Yeah stay friends with this guy... but no reason to rush into things at your age.

    He's looking for either a wife or a girl he can hook up with and be "The MAN!" around his other guys. Do you want to be either one?

    • em I am legal here and I am old enough to drink and go out ! I'm 20 not 2

    • Sorry, I assumed you might be from the states where the drinking age is 21

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  • The update sounds wayyy too creepy. I have a friend who's with someone older than herself. He was married, had a kid, got divorced, and then she started dating him when she was 15. She would have some difficulties because it would be difficult for him to spend time with his daughter and her at the same time. Mostly because when his kid was there, it was all about the kid. You'll have to be aware of their mom, though. Not sure how she feels about your relationship to her ex-husband.

    • yea I guess so .. no my update meant I know him as a person since I was 12 nothing else ,we just started dating when I was 20 {im nearly 21 ] your friend was 15 what age was the man ? I'm just wondering because I hope there are other girls in my position because I'm so in love with him I don't want to give it up with him ,we are together over 6 months now and we don't even want sex till we know what we want for definite :D lol

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    • Ah well that's only 11 years of a gap ! compared to us there is 22 or 23 ! :(

    • Really, once you've reached about 20 or so, age really doesn't matter, and you'll find it's a lot more common than you think.

  • Well, I don't believe in such relationship. sorry. A friend of mine is married to a man with 15 years gap. she's seeing hell on earth! jealousy, superiority & other things control the relationship. plus for God's sake you deserve a young man to go wild & crazy with. He's too old for that +his children. Think it over again dear :)

    • ok but I'm in love with him :( oh I'm so confused !

    • probably you've never tried to be in love with someone else. your with him since 12. its like mother love you grew up to her your only mother so you love her. why? because its unconditional love. you need to love someone of your own choice not because you've been with him for long & knew no other but him.

    • No I've only known him since I was twelve he was a family vet for our animals ,we only started dating lately I'm when I was 20 I am nearly 21now ..

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