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OK so this girl that I have never meet but looks great sends me a friend request on facebook so I add her and sees she is on so I send hey a I'm saying I know I probably do but how do we know each other so she sent I don't think we do then I carried on small talk then I had to go and told her I have to go but here is my number text me sometime if you want then later that night she sent me a text saying hey it (her name) so I said hey what up and carried on more small talk then I asked what she was doing this weekend she said she didn't know why so I said I don't know was going to say if you want we could go watch a movie or eat something then she said maybe then I said we can look and see what's playing this weekend later this week if you want to go then it was so late she had fallen asleep but my question when should I text her and stuff any help I would be glad to get thanks


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  • The ball's in her yard, so wait a day or two to see if she texts you back. If by mid-week you don't hear from her, then text her. Ask if she's though about meeting up. If she agrees, then call her and make specific plans to meet up with her [ i.e. xyz is coming out on Friday...do you wanna meet up at the ___ theater at X o'clock on Saturday ? ].

  • Text her Saying good morning one day when you wake up and go on from there. :)

    • ok should I do that later this week or should I wait till she text me back from the text she fell asleep on?

    • No you can do that anytime this week. Just to let her know that she's still on your mind.

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