How do you get over being dumped?

This guy left me in the lurch for days after dating me for a month. Deleted everything from his facebook wall from the past month but didn't delete me (I deleted him, I think he was just being a coward). Stopped showing up online, and when he did show up online, didn't talk to me at all. I sent him a single text that he didn't respond to.

I keep going through everything in my head about what I could have done wrong. Putting the blame on myself and hoping he'll come around. Feeling like I put too much pressure on him..Thinking of all the sweet things he said and how much he went out of his way to convince me he still wanted to hang out, would tell me if he wouldn't, and that he was just "really busy."

I'm mad for putting my guard down and believing so much in someone I didn't know long enough to trust. And I'm trying my hardest not to tell him I miss talking to him.


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  • What you're doing is the best way to move on... however, that's not to say it's easy. Giving yourself space and having no contact is really hard at first, but it will help you move on the fastest. Just hang in there and you'll be feeling better soon.

    • Totally agree. The more I look at his profiles and such the more upset I get. Since writing my question, I found out that his ex wife came back into the picture. Now it just angers me that someone would lead someone on for so long and not even have the gall to tell the person someone from their past came into the picture.

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