Is it wrong what do you think ?

ok I am 17 and I am in a relationship with a 39 year old ,he is divorced but has 3 kids from previous marraige they are all under 9 do you think this is wrong or what ? I mean I am so in love with him and never want to lose him its just id like to know what other people think ?


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  • Is it wrong? Yes, you're not even an adult yet. He's taking advantage of you, only you don't realize that because you're too young and naive. This is not something that is going to last. He's not looking at you as a potential long term partner or step-mother for his children. You're the booty call/fantasy of a middle-aged man. I'm not trying to hurt your feelings, I just want to warn you not to get too attached.

    • But I love him & I think he is in love with me to , I told him the other night that I didn't think it owuld work and he just got up and left I followed him outside and found him in tears he said he is crazy about me ,and wants us to be together ,i love his kids I always mind them when he is called out on call to work I know they prob see me as a big sister but I don't care plus you say ''booty call '' we have never had sex and we are together six months .

    • also I have known him for five years before this as a family aqaintence and also I was on a work placement with him ,he helped me with my career and gave me advice on my future ,always said to me ''take care of yourself '' I really should have known we would end up together

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  • im going to guess that you have a tight vagina to and that he would love you to be the mother of his children when I'm guessing one is almost as old as you. I would say follow your heart, but also that the heart plays tricks sometimes and for guys there heart most the time is looking for fresh vagina.


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  • That's illegal and wrong. There should be no reason why you are with an almost 40 year old man. Either you're beyond mature or he's beyond immature. There is just no way you are on the same page mentally, physically or emotionally.