Haven't talk to a girl in while, if I ask her out how would she take it?

I met this girl we did couple things, we talk regulary but now I haven't spoke to her in a while like 1 or 2 weeks. I think that at a time she was quiet interested on me and did too on her but never had the chance to be alone or sort. I've been thinking what if I ask her to go to the movies or somewhere. Will she be like: "we haven't spoke in weeks and suddenly ask me out?" or "I don't know you that well to go out with you" I don't know how girls think they are too complicated for my understanding XD

I'm thinking to ask her out just to hung out not for other reasons


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  • Well don't have that be the first thing you say..but start up a conversation and soon into it say something like.. "hey so.. we haven't really talked in a while, but we should definitely hang out sometime to catch up (;" WITH THE WINKY FACE! :D

    • Thanks! Really. I'm definitely gonna follow your advice

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