How should I spice up my date?

im 16. I no this girl alright but I really like her. we are going skating and I wanted to spice up this date. How should I spice it up that will make her think I would be a good boyfriend for her with out being to corny. And how should I ask her out.


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  • If it is your first date don't try and "spice things up" because that can all to easily become "screw things up" Also if you haven't even asked her out yet, you are getting ahead of yourself. When you do ask her out, do it in person or over the phone, no text, no IM, and especially don't have a friend ask her out for you.

    I realize you want to make it an awesome date so there will be more to follow, but the first date should always be calm, safe, and simple, it's purpose isn't necessarily to prove that you will be a great boyfriend, but rather to prove that you aren't totally incompatible. Once that is established then you can go out some more and turn on the charm, but first thing's first. Good luck!

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