I like this guy, but my friend likes him too..?

Ok so I like this guy, but I haven told anyone yet, but I've liked him for a while, and now my friend likes him too... She was just saying that she likes him a lot, actually. The guy lies me, though, and we get along really well and all.

I kind want to go out with him, but I don't want to get my friend mad at me especially because she doesn't even know that I like this guy. What should I do?

and if I should go for him, what do I do?
just remember, he likes me, and has for a while. She knows this too/


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  • HEre is the trick: the next time you talk to him, discuss about relationships, you getta have the courage to bring up this topic since you want to things go smooth. Thus, when you talk few minutes, you ask him if he likes a girl or is going out with. If he likes you, he would take it as if you are asking him out figuratively and would be happy you brought up the topic! However, you also have to talk about your friendly in friendly way. If he knows her or talk to her, say, I thought you and Miss, were had on crush. If he says, I don't like her but I like you. Then you get the game rolling but if he says, he likes he and was thinking about asking her out or was confused about how to talk to her about that. Then you wait to see him another day and tell him your friend likes him too and she should talk to him. You want to use tricks.

    But why is this important trick. Well, if he likes, he is the one initiates your relationship. Therefore, I won't sound or seem you stole the guy your friend likes, right? On other hand, if he says, "oh, I actually like her but I don't know if I should to talk" then, you talk to your friend and tell he likes you or you tell him she likes him the next day. You want to things go smooth and positive. WIll feel happy if he chooses you and asks you out. It will also be great if he tells you he likes your friend and you become sort of a angel messenger between them so they can meet and initiate relationship.

    And remember, whaever you want for yourselve should be someone you also want with your friends. Therefore, use the trick so he makes the choice because you can't make the choice since you friend likes him. And you don't want to be seen as someone stealing a guy your friend likes too. She may even think and regret telling you she likes him because she'll think, you decided to steal him before she had the chance to talk to him.

    I hope it makes sense



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  • Ho's before bros. Seriously, you're young, it's not worth losing a friend for a guy who you will maybe date for a short time.

  • You should tell her right away. And tell her how long you have liked him.