How can I get a chance with him?

Im in love with my boss, we get along great and have so much fun together. We have a lot of chemistry together and I know he cares a lot for me but I don't think he will date me because we work together. He just started dating someone new and its driving me nuts. I hate it actually because when its just us we act like a couple. How can I get him to give me a chance and want to date me?


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  • Well, I would not do it if I were you. Unless you don't care too much for your job. About three years ago I worked in telemarketing while going to college. I have to tell you , that in my experience, dating in the work place is a big no no. This is going to sound really bad, but I ended up sleeping with six girls that worked there, it was mostly girls at the place and there were over 350 employees. Anyway, one of them was my boss. I dated her for a while, then when it didn't work out, I ended up quitting the job. She spread a bunch of untrue rumors around the place about our relationship. Then her boss, who ran the whole place, found out about it and fired her for unprofessional conduct. My lesson was learned through that experience and I won't date a boss again. But, hey, that was only one persons experience, so read all of the replies you get before making up your mind.

    • Its not the fact that I just want to date him I would love to spend the rest of my life with him. I don't want to lose my job at all I love it but I love him more.

    • Well, does he know how much you care about him? Does he flirt with you still, now that he has a gf? If you see signs that he would leave her to be with you and you really care that much about him, you have better make your move before he gets too attached to this new woman. Now, it could end up biting you on the ass, things could end up with you having no job and no man. You have to decide if your love and the way he is with you is enough to outweigh the chance that it could go bad.

    • Yes he knows how much I care about him and still flirts with me now that he has the new gf. I'm scared its to late already I think I hwerd him tell her he loved her.

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