A potato chips kiss, well actually almost a kiss?

This guy I like, well to be honest here, he's my close friend, offered me some chips today, but the thing is, he offered a piece while holding one end of it in his mouth, and this piece is small enough for our lips to touch if I reached out for it!

is it his way of trying to kiss me? would you ever do this as a kind of tease?


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  • Id definately only do it if I like the girl and wanted to kiss her...
    he probably things you don't like him '' that way '' now and is a bit ego-hurt.
    if you think you do like him that way then you should know that you made him think wrong now, maybe correct it by some intresting move or the same chip trick?


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  • did you do it? he wants to kiss you :)

    • STUPID ME, I backed off...

      I can't believe I did this, I deserve a huge slap for this!

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    • will sure do, thanks!

    • you know what,

      I did it, we did it many times,

      and the last time it was a popcorn => too small

      our lips touched, it wasn't a full kiss, but he didn't day a word!

      can he confuse just a bit more?!

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