Coffee date or just catching up?

Meeting up with crush after 15 years for coffee (we haven't seen each other since elementary school!). We liked each other then.

How would I know if it's a date or just a time for us to spend to catch up? Don't want to get my hopes too high here although during the 15 years of not communicating, I've had vivid memories of him and would think about him. I hope it's been the same for him.


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  • sounds like a catch up


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  • Men don't catch up.

    There's always and ulterior motive behind a coffee date.

    It's up to you to figure out whether he wants you in his bed or in his life ;)

    Good luck !


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  • the first that you should look up for is the way he groomed himself, not exactly the clothes that his wearing but how he present himself to you, if its with effort they there's still a chance if not then otherwise

    second would be the conversation, if he keeps on talking then his interested in you, unlike if he ends a topic all the time

    and lastly why do you think he would invite you to this "coffee break" for just a mild reason? its quite possible that he is of some interest to you too! and could be thinking the same thing :D good luck!

    • Yeah I totally get that he's possibly interested in me too ha ha but I want to know already! It's crazy, during those 15 years I'd still think about it... I don't think I ever got over him.

      So on Facebook, if the "relationship status" doesn't show and there aren't consistent pictures of him a girl, is it safe to say that he's single you think?

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    • Well I know some people who are in that situation and it isn't a big deal...or sometimes that means that they're in a complicated situation, or do have someone on the side that they're talking to.

      I'm thinking about the coffee date thing though, I mean if he DOES have a girlfriend, he wouldn't offer to ask me for my schedule so that we can grab coffee when we're both in town... right?

      :) I'm getting excited about this but I don't want to get my hopes too high! haha

    • yeah! your totally right about that...

      well in my opinion you can at least "expect" something from this but NEVER "assume"

      good luck :)