Do I have anything to worry about with my boyfriend?

He was at a party recently and told me there was so many gorgeous girls there, that he could of chatted to but he didn't cos "he has no interest in them" and "they mean nothing" cos he loves me and just wants me. He left the party and came home to me after. He was drunk that night and kept saying how much he loves me. Does it sound like I have anything to worry about?


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  • do you have trust issues. i mean he made it quite clear that you are the one

    • I guess it's the fact he felt the need to tell me about all the good looking girls there, he was pretty drunk saying that speech though

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    • Probably a bit too honest haha

    • maybe but thats alcohol for you

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  • If a guy comes home drunk spilling the truth you can probably bank on that it's really the truth. He's pretty much saying that as tempting as some girls may be, they had nothing on you. It's a compliment. A really drunk and jumbled compliment... but a compliment nonetheless. Often drunk rambling isn't meant to sound pretty. So try to not get hung up on the fact he called other girls gorgeous. I mean. People can be attractive and it doesn't mean we want to boink them, right? We just think they're pretty people.

    • Yup, the first thing he did when he came home and saw me was hug me and say he loves me so much. I didn't think of it as a compliment until now. It makes sense. I guess people don't lie when drunk and he was pretty drunk lol

    • Yea I've been weirdly honest while drunk too before. I was with my fiancee (now ex) and his ex love interest came over to hang with his brother. I yelled at her and told her she was a beautiful person and that I was jealous that he loved her first. She got me a $50 gift card for a Christmas so I guess it worked in my favor.

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  • Yes. He is a nice guy.

  • Maybe he was rejected numerous times that night.


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  • Next time follow him if he cheats dump him a cheater stays a cheater


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