She stopped texting me for no reason.

This girl works at a gas station near my apartment. I would stop in there mostly every day, and get something to drink. She seemed interested in me, and after a few months, we started talking more and more. It came to the point where I would go in there, and she would immediately come outside with me for a smoke and we would talk more. Well one day I asked her for her number, and we were texting each other everyday. I then asked if she wanted to come over one day. She said yes, and that the next day would be great since she got out at 6 and would stop by for a few beers and we could hang out. So that's what we did. She was at my place for about 6 hours, and at the end, we started making out on the couch. She had to work in the morning, so I walked her down to her car, kissed her goodnight and she left. We would text each other everyday, sometimes her first, sometimes me first. Most every night she would call me, and we'd talk for an hour or so. She's busy with college, and work, and can't hang out a lot, but I don't push her, I just say it's cool, and let me know. That was two weeks ago we hung out, and over this previous week, she hasn't initiated conversation with me, and when I do with her, it's short answers back. I still see her when I go get something to drink at the gas station, and she'll just say hi or walk away so I can't talk to her. Did I do something wrong? Am I wasting my time? Is there something I can do to find out without harassing her or sounding needy?

Forgot to add: She texted me about a few days after we hung out that she missed me and even told me that she could hang out the next day after work, but her hours got extended and couldn't that night. Run around maybe?


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  • The best advice I can give you would be to talk to her because she's the only one who can give you the real answer. Call her and ask when she's free then tell her that you would like to talk. Try to speak to her in person because then she can't avoid you like she's been doing and if she tries to make an excuse to not see you, tell her you just want to know what happened. Hope this helps!

    • Hey, thanks for the advice! I forgot to remove my answer though and a guy at work basically gave me the same advice, so that's what I did, and apparently she met someone else :( It's all good, as long as I know, I hate uncertainty!

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