Cute texts?

Cute texts to make him know your thinking about him?

So here's the situation. I met this guy back a few months ago, and we were always talking but then he got a Girlfriend so we stopped. They recently split up because his girls going off to college hours away. Now, we're talking again. He's on vacation for now, but is coming home in a few days and we're gonna hangout. This whole week we've been texting and he called me the other night too.

Girls, what is a sweet text you'd send your guy to let him know your thinking about him?

Guys, what is the cutest text youd like to receive from a girl?

keep in mind, me and this guy are both interested in eachother, as more then friends

thanks everyone

thanks for the help guys =) it worked, and then some ;)


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  • girl sent me a message that said something like "You gotta call me soon baby, I miss you" and it went straight inside me. The cutest text message doesn't need to be 10 lines long. Make it short, sweet and to the point.

  • Well this girl I liked had on a couple occasions peppered her txt message with those 'Kissing" emoticons and that was enought to make me a little unglued ;) So try that and as the other dude said, short and sweet will suffice. Good Luck!


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