Would you date someone you like, but that you've never really talked to?

Would you date someone you like, but that you've never really talked to?

When I was younger I was very very shy and I always liked guys that I never talked to. Nowadays I feel like there can't be a relationship if I don't even know who he is as a person and what his personality is like.

Also, if you've never talked to the person, what are some ways you can get to know him/her?

How can I date someone if I don't know if we have chemistry?


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  • Considering the fact that you are a girl, you must realize that half of the boys who like you back do not talk to you because GUYS, NATURALLY are scared to flirt with girls. Especially if the girl they like won't give her 'signs' of an interest.

    Having said that, you have an advantage because 90% of the guys actually get excited when a girl regardless how she looks talks to them. They are probably too scared of you because you are not the dating type through your secretive attitude towards them. Since you are an absolutely gorgeous woman, they will certainly not turn you down unless retarded jerks.

    Which is another problem: JERKS. Please ALWAYS spend a good time investigating history and character of a guy before you set a preferance for him. Some are just not WORTH you.

    Once you have done that task, you can start a convo in many ways. Being a guy I will tell you what works. You can look at them (no not stare like a creep) from time to time during a lunch break or a group meeting with a nice welcoming look on your face. And then you ask a random question like 'David Peterson right? you're the guy who made that ecology presentation xyz? I loved it!'. Basically you ask an interest based question which can trigger a question and answer session. I have tried this on a girl who was wearing an Elvis Presley badge. It is a super kudos if you talk about something you both may like.

    OR you can tell a mutual friend you like the guy. I urge you don't experiment on complete stranger because you know NOTHING about them. Maybe your friend will tell the guy you like him and he will ask you out first.

    Just remember: Dress to impress, don't act geeky, wear the best fragnance you have, have this friendly yet hard to get attitude and be genuine. You will get every nice guy worth your time. And since you are the lady, you will have the first hand in deciding how a relationship goes. Lastly, don't rush things up. Make him a friend and learn about him before you take things to the next level. Some people are too good for a romance and better off as friends forever.

    Good luck, I hope this is the answer you wanted. Take care.


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  • no use competing with the answer below. I think he pretty much got it all down. lol


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