Why is he suddenly giving me the cold shoulder in class?

About a month ago, I started dating this guy in my med school class - he asked me out and we've probably gone on about 5 or 6 dates.

We see each other in class every day and at the beginning he started moving his seat to sit closer to me during lecture and eventually ended up usually sitting in the seat next to me. He would also text me at night to ask how I was doing and how my night had gone - it was all very much fun and good.

We both went home for Thanksgiving last week, and texted sporadically on that Thursday. Then suddenly, I didn't hear from him at all the rest of that weekend until I texted him on Sunday to ask how his holiday had been. We had a nice phone chat, and it seemed that everything was fine.

The day after that phone chat (Monday) - he suddenly sat really far away from me in class and didn't really make eye contact or talk to me. He used to sometimes wait for me after class and he didn't do that either. Confused, I asked him to meet me for coffee later that afternoon. He agreed - and when we did meet, I just asked him that since it had been a couple of weeks since we started hanging out, what he was thinking - whether he wanted to continue dating and see where it takes us or if he saw it as more of a friendly thing. He said that he definitely enjoyed hanging out with me and that he wanted to see where things would lead. He asked me what I thought and I agreed with him and said that I really like seeing him and wanted to continue to date him and see where things would lead. He pointed out that he had gotten out of a long-term relationship not too long ago (and I did as well) so he wasn't ready to jump right into another one, but that we should just continue on and see what happens. So I thought the conversation was fine, we hung out for a little bit after that, and then I went home.

Then suddenly - the next day and every day after that, he has completely been giving me the cold shoulder in class. Sits really far away - won't talk to me - doesn't even really make eye contact - and bolts out the door as soon as class is over. I'm really confused - we had the conversation about wanting to date each other and see what happens - so why is he suddenly ignoring me right after that talk? Did I misinterpret something? Or did he lie when he was talking to me? Why wouldn't he just tell me when we talked that he didn't want to date me (if that is the case) - and if it isn't, why is he ignoring me in class?

Note - we are going into finals week so it is admittedly an extremely stressful time, but it doesn't seem necessary for him to completely ignore me, does it? What do I do now?


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  • Maybe he's involved with his ex again? I mean he did bring it up. And when guys bring up stuff like past relationships it's usually a pretty big sign that he's making an excuse for not progressing.

    Anyway try not to take it personal, this guy isn't willing to communicate with you, it's pretty much a bitch move on his part. I mean really 5-6 dates and he straight ignores you? What gives? You don't need that.

    On to the next one.


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