Does age matter in the game?

I'm 17. When I go to the mall, walmart, or something, I see women age 20-25 all the time, and I want to go up to them and try to get their numbers, but I'm really young. I also look really young. I don't have defined cheekbones or feature like most other guy.

I have heard that most girls like these types of guys.

Is this true? Do I have a chance?

Btw, I go to college, so I don't see girls my age on a regular basis. AND I rather date someone older.


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  • The problems you're more likely to run into when pursuing an older woman is maturity (yours, not hers), transportation (do you drive, have your own car, etc), legal age (can you go out to a club, order a drink, etc) and are you self sufficient (have a job, spending money, etc).

    Women like all of these things, especially the older they get. Not saying you can't overcome them all, it just makes your life a little harder.

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