How do you kiss???

ok so I've never kissed anyone before and I don't know what to do when it happens, how do you kiss someone? I mean what exactly do you do?


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  • Do what comes natural to you. Just take it slow. The first kiss if there are sparks will make you see stars and feel a little dizzy, but in a good way. First few kisses keep your lips closed at a light pucker, and if you both feel like more, open your mouth slowly. The rest will come to you when it happens.


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  • smooth motions. don't be like SMOOCH. SMOOCH.

    Be like smooch, smoooch, smooch smooch,

    . lmao


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  • Just as Wtfgirl said, it'll come naturally. When kissing, follow his lead for the first few kisses then you'll start to grasp what to do. Odds are the guy will usually make the first move to kiss, if he leans in towards you, lean towards him a bit and slightly pucker your lips. Keep them closed for the first few kisses and when your comfortable with that everything else will come naturally.

    Good luck :)