First Date with Ex Girlfriend?

My ex girlfriend is single again. It's been a year and a half since we dated.Throughout that period we spoke occasionally. Now that she's single I asked her to go out to eat so we could catch up. I really want to win her back, so what should I do? How can I win her back? How should I treat this date


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  • treat it like you said it would be-- a chance to catch up.

    if she just recently just got out of this relationship she was in,

    she might not want someone else coming after her right now.

    she might just want a friend.

    if you want to win her back , be nice, make her laugh a lot.

    let her know you're there for her.

    if you can avoid it though, I wouldn't talk about her recent relationship.

    just make the date about you and her having a good time.

    at the end of it, plan for another date soon. if she seems to be all about it,

    you probably are making progress. (:


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