Going home for Xmas- should I contact him?

Dated this guy for six months before I moved overseas- we've stayed in touch but he's pretty crap at communication. I'm going home in five days and he pretty much hasn't contacted me in the last couple weeks. When we were talking over Skype via text he said he wanted to "end" things because he knew I'm not moving back to my home country. He said he had other reasons too- didn't tell me them. He broke up with me twice before I left because he had a really hard time with me leaving.

I just want to stay friends and if we hook up, we hook up. If something happens down the line, then yeah, if not... oh well, at least will be friends. We both care about each other a lot... he said we should probably meet up when I'm back home- but part of me feels hurt that he hasn't responded to my texts lately. He also canceled on new years plans with me last minute, I'm home for three weeks- should I contact him? or should I let him contact me?


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  • Nah, don't contact him. Enjoy your time home with friends and family.


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