Is it me who thinks interaction between the sexes is one big flirtatious game?

how many people talk to someone for the sake of it, or because you are not interested

I've noticed guys talked to girls they find attractive, same with women, and its always sexual tension,

a female won't talk to a guy who doesn't smile or whose head is not up. one girl once asked me why is you head down... I was puzzled by this, I'm usually thinking when my head is down. I researched and found out that a head that is down is sign of low self esteem, over heard the same girl talking to her friends saying she found me cute (she has boyfriend and their engaged too) which made me to believe that she talked to me because she found me attractive... this is just one example their many others... anyway she would be pissed if I didn't flirt back or smile

so I there cases where people just talk for the heck of it


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  • I think there's plenty of situations where a girl or guy would talk to the opposite sex for something other than flirting or attraction reasons. However, I do think people might choose to talk to someone because they enjoy the view.

    I was curious about something similar to this a few months back so I looked into it a little more. The topic was "Are attractive people more successful in life?". Long story short, usually yes. Assuming that the person in particular is asserting themselves and pushing for success or advancement in something, then they are more likely to attain it. There are two main reasons for this. 1) Other people generally like the company of attractive people, so they'll have an unconscious bias for an attractive man or woman. And 2) Attractive people are likely to have a solid sense of confidence for themselves, and therefore push things for themselves.

    The part about other people liking attractive people is what this question reminded me of. People, from babies to adults, feel nice around attractive people. So yes, I do think there are times when attraction guides things like this.

    • so you saying this girl talked to me because she found me attractive, and if I wasn't I she wouldn't talk to me

    • I have no idea. Nobody besides her knows why she wanted to talk to you. I'm just saying that there are times when a person will feel like talking to someone because there's that underlying appreciation for their looks.

    • that makes sense