Does anyone else get attached/feelings for someone easily?

When I was younger (like 14-16) I would find women attractive, want to be with them blah blah right, but never really "feel" anything more than curiosity (albiet I never really ended up hanging out/socialising/talking to those kinds of women until I was probably 18 or 19 - and that bare minimum for talking too).

But now that i'm a little older I start talking to a girl find attractive, seems to be nice, and even just after a week or so or whatever i'll start thinking about them all the time, wanting to talk to them, see them, legit being happy when you see a notification from them etc. I know there's a difference in getting/having REAL feelings, and just being interested, but still you get what I mean.

Maybe this will be the lack of attention i've had throughout the years from women i've found attractive (not blaming them - i'm more at fault), but does anyone else feel similar or know someone in the same boat?

Seems like as soon as I find someone i'm attracted to & they actually reply/interact/flirt/seem interested in the slightest in me it's all over for me & having control. Once again I think it's likely i'm just enjoying the attention I never really had for the past 5 or 6 years.

Does anyone else get attached/feelings for someone easily?
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