How will I bring this up to him?

Me and this guy have a somewhat of a hot thing going on, but we aren't exactly dating.

He phones me all the time and asks to "hang out" with me almost everyday. I really like him, and I want to be more then friends... I also know he likes me but I'm not exactly sure how much or even if he wants to be in a relationship.

Every time I go to his house he dims the lights and plays music. Then we crawl into bed together and we do more then I did with my previous boyfriends.

But, the next time I see him and he's with his friends he acts like we are just good friends and nothing even happened between us.

How will I bring this up to him, and find out what we are going to do next in our relationship? And do you think he really likes me at all?


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  • Maybe next time you go over to "hang out", you could ask him what this is to him, and see what he says. I think he does like you at least a little, but there are also guys who enjoy fooling around and sex. Also, be aware that where and when you ask him may affect his response, so try and do it somewhere quiet, comfortable and preferably alone.


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