Is he going to text me again?

So I asked a question before about this guy I liked that texted me [you'd have to read my before question to really understand this one] So this guy and I were texting and he said what's up and I said "prolly going downtown with some friends" and he said "cool I'm tryin to figure out if I'm doin anything tonight" then we talked about other stuff and I said "where are you from anyways?" (which I already knew the answer to but I just acted like I didnt) and he said "Georgia" and I said oh yea that's right, your a falcons fan and he said "yup! lol" and I decided not to respond because he left the conversation closed, but 3 hours went by and it was 1am and I said "so did you do anything tonight" and I haven't gotten a response. I'm kinda nervous that he's never going to text me again! It'd be his loss but I was really feelin him... Do you think he'll text me again?


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  • hey I'm in the exact same situation! she was talking about a dance she was going to and I asked if she was a booty shaker then I never got a reply back. then I texted her 8 hours later, hope you have fun at the dance! still no reply, and I was really feeling her too. I think its best if you wait it out a day and then if he doesn't text you, text him the next day and see what's up. it is probably what I'm going to do too because I don't know what else to do. just stay optimistic and maybe he'll text you soon. he could have been sleeping or something who knows. texting can be so confusing sometimes! haha

    • Dear shyguy,

      So if I were this girl, I'd think you had a sense of humor... but she might be conservative and felt weird that you said that! I still haven't gotten a text from this guy but I have a feeling he'll text me tomorrow night... If he doesn't then it'll be his loss! but I'm definitely not texting him at all until he texts me! texting is definitely confusing lol

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    • awesome! I got one too but we didn't talk much. it looks like it is over between me and her lol. she went outta town like 3 hours away to see her old friends and attend their homecoming. I checked out her facebook and I guess she met some guy she knew before and now theyre going out, now it makes sense to why she stopped texting me. kinda sucks because I mean I thought we were really feeling each other out. oh well, hope everything ends up better for you! haha

    • awh I'm sorry! there's more fish in the sea though! I hope mine turns out alright... all he said was "hey!" and I said 15 minutes later "hey what's going on" and he hasn't texted back lol that was last night... I don't know what's going on but I'm def not waitin around for it. poor guy is missin out though!

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  • mabe you should call him ... screw texting

  • I think he will text you again he probaly went to sleep or out with friends and not paying attention cause I do it alot!:)

    • He did :)

      except I posted this hilarious video on facebook like makin a music video of a bunch of different songs and when he texted me and said what's up I said nothin what are you doin and he said watching TV bored... & I said "you should go check out my video, its hilarious" and he never responded. that was 2 weeks ago lol

      think I f***ed up?

    • Lol you might have after that! :)

  • Hopefully he doesn't put you in the friend zone.. I think he's going to text you, but if you don't hear from him in a couple of days.. you should shoot him a text

    • yea I don't think its the friend zone... it doesn't seem like that. I'm so against texting them first so idk! I don't want to seem desperate or anything! I did forward things with him on facebook and he ended up asking for my number so you might be right with the whole shooting him a text thing! thanks ;)

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  • Okay not trying to be mean but chill! lol he probably was asleep or something, you said it was close to 1 am right? so maybe he was asleep or his phone was dead or he was out and didn't bring his phone etc. lol in the mean time try not to read into things to much ! Lol I do it too and it always bites me in the butt

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