Is it possible to block text messages from a certain person?

I keep getting these annoying text messages from my ex. Is it possible to delete without opening them? I don't want him to know I read it because some people can set it to where they get an alert that it was read.


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  • instead of pressing read now, just ignore the text or block him from your phone


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  • If none of those things below with what the other girls said, you can try changing your number. That's a last resort.

  • Well depending on your phone and phone carrier you can block certain numbers from texting and calling. Some phones allow you to do it, but if your phone doesn't you usually have to purchase a family plan, or family allowances package (4.99 with T-Mobile) that allows you to do it. Otherwise you can go to delete and click it and it will ask are you sure, and say yes. Then you can delete without reading it.

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