Is it a date or hang out?

My friend made friends with a new guy, and we are friends now too we eat together at lunch time and we hang out after school including others. I do kinda like him, maybe if I got to know him better.

He asked me yesterday what I was doing today, I said nothing. Then he said we should go to the park and take pictures, because he doesn't have a default picture. I it a date? Or two friends hanging out?

One day after school my friend and me went to his house to hang out, then we were leaving so he said he would take us but my friend had to go so then me and him were left walking together just talking and he walked me to my house...that was just a hang out but I'm not sure if this is? I shouldn't bring my friend right?


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  • If you like him, you should set up a date, you also should look at how he looks at you a girl can always tell by the eye.

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