Would this be creepy?

So, long story short I asked one of my friends out and got denied, we're still good friends, but she hangs out with her other friends now. I want to hang out with her, but the only way I have to contact her is through her brother on WoW, it's the only way I can contact her as it stands. So, my question is this, would it be creepy or crossing a line if I asked her brother to tell her that I think it would be cool if we hung out together at lunch tomorrow?

I'm not really into trying to get with her at this point, I just want to start hanging out with her again. Also, it wouldn't be just me, it would be more of a "Come hang out with the group again." thing.
The original asking out happened about a month ago btw.

Also, I'm askered of her friends, I'm afraid I'll end up like spaghetti if I just walk up there. lol


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  • It would be alittle creepy. If you guys had mutual friends you could arrange an outing with a group and invite her to come along. If she declines well you have more friends to hangout with. If she comes then you can single her out and talk to her but don't pressure a relationship.


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  • Walk up to her, have a conversation and then ask her. Don't ask her brother to tell her.


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  • nah I think he could be like hey my friend (you) doesn't like seeing you alone at lunch


    like in a joking way not like asking but reverse psychology

    or and you could ask for her to hang out then

    try pulling away a little for a bit

    maybe you just came on too strong and if you make her miss you she might rethink things