We text/talked all the time now nothing, what's up?

I'm totally confused. First we flirted, exchanged numbers text called 3 weeks straight. Saw each other 1 night watched a movie I didn't kiss him, but he kissed my hands, fingers, neck, forehead.

he calls me sweetie/cutie text me all the time...

one day after class we were flirty per usual and I mentioned over Thanksgiving break I played football with my brothers and a few guys.

Now he'll randomly reply or say I like texting you just not all the time. What's up with him?

a guy has never just abruptly stopped liking me before. What should I do?


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  • I don't think he stopped liking you. Maybe he wants just to slow it down cause it's too fast for him right now. I find it fair to tell you that he likes texting you but not all the time. let it just go on and look what happens...as he does.

    • We both are on the same page of not wanted to be attached. We like our single life lol I do agree with you it was going pretty fast for me/him especially since we agreed nothing serious. Thanks.

      uggggh I just wish he wasn't so sweet lol

      How do I slow everything down without him thinking I lost interest? My friends say I tend to have a short attention span

    • pay 'high-quality' attention to him with little quantity ;) when he's ready he'll come...

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