Tips for a "first "relationship?

Like I've never been with/dated someone every before. Like what are some of the normal things that you gotta do as the guy?


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  • you can be right or you can be happy, take your pick

    a gift once in a while is sweet, all the time is desperate and ruins the times that it's sweet

    don't say I love you unless you are 100% it is I would marry her I love you. use better wording if you want something to that effect like you are amazing, you are my whole world or something like that

    give her space, it's OK to not talk for a day if you two are busy

    take it easy on pet names, saying babe every time you talk to her isn't the best unless she SPECEFICALLY tells you she loves it

    hold a conversation even if she isn't. if she want's to go or can't talk, be understanding. she isn't going to break up with you, she just can't talk at the moment. it's all good

    when you meet her parents, shake her dad's hand like a MAN (firm grip look him in the eye with respect) and say "nice to meet you sir" adress the parents as sir mam, mr./ Mrs/ _____ it's the respectful thing to do until they ask you to call them otherwise

    you don't have to drop all your money on each date, cheap fun dates are great with a fancy one mixed in there to change things up a bit

    any more tips ask away, best of luck to you bro


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  • Communication is really important so make sure you listen when she talks. Also, girls love to feel wanted, so make sure you never ignore her if she wants attention from you. Be a gentlemen and open doors and hold her hand. Let her know it's your first relationship so if you do mess something up she will understand why.

    • yes I wholeheartedly agree with this too. chivilry isn't dead so be a gentelman, girls really notice the little thngs like this and it will score some brownie points with not only your beloved girl, but a lot of times the friends will like it too which is good whether you know it or not

    • Yes, when the friends don't like you it creates unwanted drama.

  • Be yourself, but have good manners.

    Don't ever ask "are you PMSing or something?" and if she mentions it, don't say "ew" lol.

    Be spontaneous

    Respect her wishes and her parents wishes

    Watch the chick flicks with her, and in scary movies hold her hand

    Hug her when she is sad

    Call her beautiful

    Don't let her take advantage of you, but be easy going

    Pick up the tab

    Call or text her first, especially to say Good Morning

  • so you're not at the relationship stage yet? you haven't been on a date yet?

    • yeah like a few times actually, we both had a lot of fun

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