So nervous about hanging out with my crush over coffee!

Ahh, haven't seen my crush in almost 15 years! We liked each other back when we were kids... we'll be meeting up for coffee in a few weeks and I haven't talked or seen this guy in, again, 15 YEARS!

I'm so nervous. My feelings for him never really went away, I'd think about him on and off throughout all that time.

Please give me some tips or advice as to how to act relax around him :( I'm so nervous!


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  • Well in order to shake off some nervous energy, take deep breaths, go for a walk or some other physical activity. Listen to some music that instils confidence in you. I works for me when I was nervous about asking women out. Reminisce some old memories when you were with him back then. When you finally meet him, relax, talk and have a great time.


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