He's in a rebound relationship!!!

OMG I just found out he's with some other girl so soon after he left me ironically because he didn't want a relationship at this time. I'm spazzing out. What should I do? I don't want him with some other girl while I'm NCing him and following the program to make him come back! Someone please just calm me down about this, is there still a chance that I can get him back? I've basically not been speaking to him at all, not replying on his facebook even though he's been liking things I'm posting, going out and doing a bunch of cool things and having fun and then posting pics on facebook that I know he'll see, and trying to act like I'm over it even though I can't sleep and I cry every day. Am I doing the right thing? Will he leave this chick and come back to me? What the hell is he doing?


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  • Don't read into all this other gibberish.

    It's over.

    Move on.

    Even if he comes "crawling" back, do you really want to be with a guy like that? Goes out with another girl to make you jealous? Have some self respect. You deserve better.

    Stop trying to justify why he hasn't done this or hasn't done that and focus on the one thing he did do...and that is dump you. Hey, it sucks, but it happens. You learn and move on.

    What is so hard about this stuff? And why do people come back for more when they get dumped?

    • Its easier said than done.

      When you're really in love with someone, you no longer care about anything (self respect included, even for a proud person like me ..) but him.

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    • I can't call him my ex yet I just can't stomach it. I know he doesn't want to get back together yet he hasn't had time to miss me. It's just so unlike him to date her she has a kid and reason he broke up with me was because he was too stressed out in our relationship, so he goes and dates a girl with a kid which will be even more stress? It doesn't make sense. So if he's in a rebound relationship is there anything I can do to increase the chance of him bouncing back to me?

    • " I know he doesn't want to get back together yet he hasn't had time to miss me." Stop rationalizing and trying to justify things. You said it yourself. He does not want to get back together. There is nothing to do to increase the chance. Why do people long and chase after people who do not love them back? Just stop it and move on, and quit beating yourself up.

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  • He misses you. He's dating her so he doesn't have to think about you. He wants you back just as much as you want him back.

    • Why doesn't he just come back then? My bad I'm just so shocked by this new turn of events but I'm hoping that if he sees that I'm happy and living it up on Failbook then he'll start questioning what he let go of. I just need reassurance right now, I want to kill that biotch for putting her hands on my bf!

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    • So this "boyfriend" of hers loves her so much, that he dumps her and dates another girl? Just to show her that he wants her back? Where do people come up with this stuff? Stop justifying his actions and look at the facts. He dumped her, he's dating another girl. He said he didn't want to be in a relationship cause he's a wuss and couldn't tell her the truth. So OP...you want to date a wuss? You're asking for it then.

  • Their is no programme to follow otherwise we'd all be back with our exes. Sure sometimes the NC works and they miss you but sometimes they don't miss you and gives them time to move on.

    He may see your FB pics etc but might be happy your having fun hence feels less bad about the break up. The point is you can't control someone elses emotions no matter how hard you try. Don't use NC to win him back, use it to move on.


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