I want to date, but one big problem is holding me back.

Ok I am 27 and I would like to have a girlfriend, but I have a problem. I have a major problem with one of my eyes and because of it I can't drive at all until it gets fixed and that could take up to another two years and I do not want to wait that long. Because of this, I am very self conscious and way to cautious. Any suggestions?


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  • 1st you hv 2 fix those self conscious issues as in you hv 2 build up ur confidence.we usually do not realize that but it always starts from us.we hv 2 fix ourselves and how we see ourselves b4 anything else.caz in the end people see what you see.so if you see yourself as in a person who's disqualified.or who doesn't deserve 2 hv a gf,ppl will see and think the same

    i don't think you hv 2 wait anymore.who ever likes you has 2 like you the way you are now.look 4 sm1 you like and go ask her out.n never show her that u'r less or put yourself short.

  • keep dating, don't let your eye problem not let you.when you date a girl, be honest and tell her why you can't drive.she'll appreciate the truth.if she likes you, she won't mind at all.


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