Is it right or wrong?

So, I am single but have been hanging out with a guy for about a month and a half and have told him I like him. He's unsure what he wants at this point but I still enjoy hanging out and am hoping it turns into something in the future. Last weekend I hung out with a friend of mine that I've known for roughly a year and now he wants to hang out again. He is aware that I like the other guy and that he and I are strictly friends. My question far as the guy I like goes, is it OK for me to be hanging out with my guy friend or does it look bad?


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  • I say go for it. Why would it look bad?

    What is this guy you like going to say? "I'm not going to go out with you because you always hang out with that other guy." If he says that, then the guy has some trust and control issues, both of which should be red flags.

    As far as the situation between you and this guy you like, let me put it to you like this: if any lady who was even somewhat attractive to me, told me she liked me, I would NOT answer with, "I'm not sure about that right now."

    IMO, he's either not interested, a wuss, not interested, or uhhhh...not interested.

    • Yah, I'm not completely sure what the whole not being sure thing is all about because he seems quite interested when we are around each other. I know that he ended a 6 year relationship and can only venture a guess that maybe there's some connection. But I'm fine with still being I'll give it time and maybe something will happen, if not, I still have a friend. Thanks for the advice!

    • Patience is usually a good thing. I just don't like to see people wait around and wait around for somebody who doesn't appear interested...instead of focusing their energy on finding somebody who actually is interested. It's a numbers game...remember that!

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  • Nah, it would only look bad if he had some weird jealousy issues. If he's not sure what he wants with you, then I guess it makes no sense on why he'd care about you having guy friends, not that he should care at all

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