To TEXT or not to text HIM!?

Me & this guy (that I like) go to the same school. We don't have any classes together so we text more than talk. Basically the last week or so he hasn't texted me. I'm usually the one to text first but I really don't want to be this time. Btw-- When I text him, he keeps the convo going all day & into the night till one of us fall asleep...

So what should I do?

Tell him and see what's up? Or let him be..

I saw him at school and he is always looking at me in the halls but he never says hi or smiles unless I do first. And when I do, he gives me the sweetest smile.


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  • lol He's probably wondering why your not texting him, I would just text something random like I just saw the craziest looking squirrel it was running with a grilled cheese in its mouth! (make something up) Then mention randomly how your always the first to initiate and he should do that more, its not clingy it's a reasonable thing to mention trust me I've had plenty of people bring up the "I never initiate" concern .. I never once found it clingy

    • Hahaha the squirrel thing. I like the text him something random idea but I don't know how to mention ra that I'm always the first to initiate the convo. Like what should I say-- Why haven't you texted me in a while? :(. I just need some ideas please!

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    • Alright so now I got to talk to him at school! Thanks for your help! =)

    • your welcome :)

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  • Don't text... Talk (on the phone) and be in eachothers presence as much as possible

    • Well the thing is we have never talked on the phone.. so wouldn't it be awkward if I just randomly called him... or should I text him and then after a while tell him to call me?

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    • just text that your cell phone keys are on the fritz and texting is becomming too difficult so you'll just call him :)

    • Thats a good excuse! But now I just have to wait for him to text.

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  • He's probably thinking the same thing as you, seeing as you're always the one to text him first. Text him jokingly saying something like "Hey, can't text a girl!" make it cute and playful instead of something like "why can't you text me?" or something nervous and hostile. I'm sure it'd fix everything. Maybe, even approach him at school. Say hi/let's hangout/want to do something this weekend.

    • That sounds like a good idea but what should I text him? Could I say-- Hey why haven't you talked to me? :( or would that sound clingy. Lol

    • you COULD do that, but I'd shoot for something cutesy, charming and funny. Something like, "So, I thought I saw you in the hallway, and when I went to say hi to you, it wasn't you...soo embarrassing!" you know, just break the ice.

  • Texting is a laaaaaaaaaaaame way to interact with someone. If he's really that interested, he would call...or maybe he's nervous?, if you're really that interested, you should call.

    • But we've never talked on the phone before.. so I don't want to be akward.. yaa know?

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    • I mean, you guys aren't even dating yet, there would be no way for you to sound clingy. To me, it sounds like he's nervous, and if you want to hang out with him, you may need to show the upper hand when it comes to confidence.

    • Thats true & you're right. The past few days, when he sees me in the hall he always looks at me but he acts as if he isnt. And he also starts to walk slower. I wanted to talk to him & ask what's up or why haven't we talked but I couldnt..

  • i would text him(:

    sometimes I stop texting people I care about first, just to see if they'll be the first ones for once. I think he probably likes you, and really does want to talk to you, but may be a little shy about it.

    • I know he can be shy but I want to show him that he doesn't have to be. How can I do that?

    • Just show him that you really care about him, and ask him some questions about him just to show that you're interested in the things he does. he might not open up right away, but in time, I'm sure he will