Guys, how would you know?

If a girl liked you?


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  • Well some signs I look for are if she stares at me a lot every time I look at her she seems to be turning her head away from me. If she flirts with me. If she touches me a lot if she has a choice between walking with me or not and she chooses to walk with me. If my friends catch her looking at me when I walk by. or if one of her friends tells me she does or if she tells me she does


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  • I wouldn't unless she tells me.

    • have to be told straight out...and so technically your oblivious to signs if she sends you some...?:/

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    • awww:( It's okay. I think you'll meet a girl that'll like you soon. :)

      Hmm...what do you consider as "flirting with you"?:/ Or does flirting depend on the person...?:/

    • I don't know. Like calling me cute or something.

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  • welll I'm a girll...but I have a feeling they would know if you always go to see him or hang out with him instead of your friends

    if you always text him or talk to him all the time then he knows he's getting closer to a chance with you

    but if you did that just becausel then your leading him on lol happens to girls too...dont lie :D

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