If you're religious, would you date an atheist?

I am an atheist and I live in a very conservative, very christian Texas town, and I was just wondering. ^^^^

BTW, no hatin. Please. Let's be decent human beings. 'K, thanks!


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  • i would get out of there, sounds like hell to me.

    • haha, I was going to say "Get out as soon as possible," but you beat me to it. ;)

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  • i personally would but I'm a loose christian (upsetting sometimes) but most girls either would not date you, or would try and change you once dating... also depends on the church like I was at my church on Wednesday and a random girl came up and wanted to suck me afterwords... of course I said yes.. at my church people deal drugs and the whole nine yards but I think my church is alone on that

  • Personally no I wouldn't, I just don't see how it could work out and id rather be mutual with the person I'm with on this than have completely contradictory opinions about this.

  • Assuming you keep your beliefs to yourself until you get closer, I'd wish you good luck. You might be better off moving to a more open place if you think your town is too fixed on one mindset. People can be surprisingly open and accepting with others, but at the same time they can be just as narrow minded.

  • Keep it to yourself and respect others beliefs, only this way you'd get friends and people to care. Myself being a guy, I'd say I'd have a really big trouble with an atheist girl, it's not the same when the guy is the atheist and the girl is religious. When a girl chooses to be an atheist (especially the young ones who don't know what they're talking about) she does it just to set herself free and away from guilt more like a decision taken out of research and deep thinking like a guy would. It's more of politics and history which girls hate, and sorry I can't live without those.

    Atheist girls in general are nuts, so arrogant and would ridicule me practicing religion no matter what I do, so I guess they don't deserve that a believer ever gives them attention, sorry I really haven't met a descent atheist girl yet, although I know a bunch of atheist guys who are good friends of mine. Anyways, not practicing and denying existence of God something I'll never be fine with, because I pretty much know God doesn't approve of his own creations denying his existence, so I don't ever make my atheist friends sound like I'm proud of them having that choice, so I'd try to throw in a little challenge every now and then, and a couple of discussions... can you do that with an atheist girl, and still maintain friendship with her? don't think so.