Stood up by soon to be guy room mate?

Background: I'm a single girl, he's a single guy, we have known each-other for 25 years, and have decided to become room mates, which will help out both our financial situations by co-habituating. We did have sex twice this past summer, it was a fling per say, and we stopped it, and said it didn't feel right, due to us being too good of friends, we didn't want to complicate things. onto story: I asked him a week ago, this coming Friday, If I could bring over some shelves and boxes to store at his place for this past Monday, but I had to cancel doing this, and asked him if I could come round this Thursday instead, that being tonight, and he said sure no problem. I hadn't talked to him all day Wednesday, and when I text msg'd him earlier tonight (Thurs) to say that I'd be over at his place between 8-8:30pm, he txt'd me back saying "Yup", then the next text he sent was "No no...I made plans" *sighs* He called my cell to say that he had totally forgot about tonight, he apologized a bunch of times and never did tell me what his "pressing plans" where, nor did I ask him, for it's none of my business. This was the 1st time he has done this, he is usually on the ball, but this royally pissed me off because I had already taken the time to fully load my car with all my stuff to bring over, and now I can't go over to his place until next Wednesday and have to drive around with all my personal apartment stuff in my car.

So, seeing how I was supposed to bring over my stuff last Monday, but had to cancel and he said it was OK to re-schedule me coming over for tonight, that being Thursday, I'm now wondering if he's playing games with me and getting back at me for not going round to his this past Monday? Am I being stupid for thinking that? He did say to me last Friday, "I dont' know when I'll see you next time" and that's when we made the plans for me to bring stuff over. So now the plan is, I will go over there this coming Wednesday, and he made it clear to me, to remind him about this...that pissed me off even more because to me, it seems that he obviously has no problems making plans with other people, and acts like I'm insignificant, or maybe I'm just feeling that way because I got stung by him. Sorry if I have repeated myself here. Is he playing games?


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  • how are we supposed to know? I doubt it.

    • How are you supposed to know what? Sorry...I'm not understanding your answer, thanks for your reply though.

    • the only way to know is to ask him, and then you're still not sure.

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  • I think you're jus tthinking too much. people do that all the time...I do that all the time, yes I understand it might p*ss off other people but some people are just not good with appointments and stuff, especially you two are just friends he has no reason to play games with you

    • thanks...yea, I was thinking that too, seeing how we are friends, why in heck would he play games with me, I was just being silly...thanks for your reply :)