Why hasn't he called? Will he call back?

Ok to make a long story short, I met this guy a while back. We hit it off and we exchanged numbers and he called before he went on vacation for 2 weeks and promised to call me back once he returned. Fast forward, he returned on Friday and called me Saturday afternoon. He said he missed me while he was away and asked if I missed him. We stayed on the phone for about an hour and he told me he was participating in a charity basketball game later that afternoon. So eventually we got off the phone. The next day I text him later on to ask him how the game went. No response. That was on Sunday. Not sure what happened, why he didn't answer. So is it safe to say to cut this as a loss and that he won't be calling again? and if no, why not? Where did I mess up?

So I didn't hear from this person, and decided in one last stitch effort to send him another hello text, seeing how you were doing yesterday afternoon.and still the same thing. No reply. It's safe to say he is not interested any longer.


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  • Call him ONCE. if he doesn't answer or call you back then let him go. Maybe something is wrong with his texting service. So call him only ONCE and if he doesn't answer or leave a message then move on.

  • No don't say that. He obviously likes you or he wouldn't have said he missed you. Give him some time and space. He will come around. You did nothing wrong. What's wrong with texting him and asking him how it went? I think that was normal and nice. Guys aren't as big of phone talkers as girls are. They really don't think about it. Also he may have just forgot to text you back or he could have not got the text. Give him a call and see what's up. If you want to chill a little I would wait a week or so to call. Remember: He went away for 2 weeks and called you like he said he would when he returned and 2 weeks is a long time so don't give up on him. He stuck to his word on that one! Next time when you talk to him say, "Hey well call me tomororw" or something so the ball is in his court. He wouldn't had called you back like he said he would if he wasn't interested. I mean I don't think he would go to the game and meet a girl.surely not. Unless you said something drastic like "I HATE YOU YOU ARE SO ANNOYING" on the phone then I wouldn't worry about it. HE will come around and call. Give him some time/space and if you hadn't heard from him in a week or two call him.